Lindsay A. Thompson, MD, MS

Lindsay A. Thompson, MD MS - Pediatrician and pediatrics researcher

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology and Health Policy

Dr. Lindsay A. Thompson is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Health Outcomes and BioMedical Informatics at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. She trained at Columbia University and Dartmouth Medical School, and her areas of research interest include social media and health, professionalism, assessments of children with special health care needs, neonatal outcomes, palliative care services, and general pediatrics.

Within this role, she has four interrelated duties:

  1. Directing the General Pediatrics’ Continuity Clinic at the Children’s Medical Services location;
  2. Conducting research in pediatric health services with the Department of Pediatrics, Institute for Child Health Policy, and the Family Data Center;
  3. Building research skills and infrastructure of the Division of General Pediatrics through didactic teaching and mentored research; and
  4. Delivering patient care, both directly and through resident mentoring, to children with a variety of medical and social challenges in outpatient pediatric clinics.

Her work with Dr. Erik Black has revealed the prevalence and content of Facebook™ use among medical students and residents, and shed new light on imagery of medical mission trips. Other research projects have collectively pointed to the recurrent theme of geographical variation as a source of disparities in child health.

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Key Publications